Located on the grounds of the Bert Driver Nursery, in Smithville Tennessee,  The Burlap Room opened it's doors to the general public on April 20th, 2018. 

The Burlap Room is named in homage to a storage room at plant nurseries where many a bale of burlap were stored. These rooms would be an area for employees to meet up and chit chat on their breaks. It became an unofficial room of community and family, so what better place to name taproom after? 

At The Burlap Room, we strive to bring that family aesthetic to each and every customers experience. With a chill environment, large seven acre estate full of plants, and a great staff, we look forward to catering to any and all who come to be with us. 

On the last Saturday of EVERY MONTH, we host a different genre of music each time. We do not stay to Tennessee expected tropes of just country or classic rock, but will have jazz, alternative, folk, and many other different musical acts. We look forward to bringing a special experience for everyone who walks into the door!

Looking to book for a private event? Email us at burlaproom@gmail.com or call (615) 597- 9560